Great Places to Be and Fun by the Sea

in August

Not all of us can afford an expensive family holiday to somewhere exotic like Barbados or The Maldives, but when you can have just as much fun closer to home and for a considerably cheaper price, then why bother.

The weather is set to improve during August and if this prediction comes to fruition we may be able to head to the seaside for some much needed sun. If you are interested in spending some time by the sea then there are a few places in Britain that you can visit; here you will find a range of activities for everyone ranging from water sports for the more adventurous family members, children' activities and carnivals and festivals providing you with some entertainment throughout the day.

Here are a few places you can choose to visit this August to enjoy the seaside;


There is always plenty going on in and around Blackpool so you will never be short of activities. There are also plenty of events arranged for August and September that are going to be great fun. On the 9th August there will be an air show put on by the Red Arrows and accompanied by various wartime aircrafts and should be interesting for all the family.

If you are travelling with children then the BBC Bang Goes the Theory roadshow is ideal for them to enjoy science and learn some interesting facts. The roadshow is from the 22nd to 23rd August. The Pleasure Beach has been significantly cleaned in recent years so now you can enjoy the sun with all the family.


Eastbourne is another place where many people travel to do spend some quality days by the sea. Like Blackpool there is also an International air show featuring the Red Arrows this time the event will take place on the 16th August.

If you are looking for adventure then Go Fast! Is Eastbourne's downhill racing event that starts on the 21st August and finishes on 23rd August. Travelling with kids is no problem as there is a free activity pack available from the Lifeguard station; alternatively you can join them on a rockpooling experience in Falling Sands which is a great experience.


Portsmouth is one of the most famous seaside resorts and is very popular amongst families, there is always plenty going on with a wide range of activities for all the family. Did you ever think you would see BMX freestylers and Ballet mixed? Well at Gunwharf Quays that is exactly what you will see as these two very different forms of entertainment come together.

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Great Places to Be and Fun by the Sea

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This article was published on 2010/03/29