Premier League first round of the domestic screening has identified a formal return to live free platform

in August

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Tin Shing has officially bankrupt 2010/11 Premier League season back on free broadcast platform has become a reality. Shanghai Five-Star Sports has officially announced the first round of the Premier League this season, live events, with Guangdong, the Guangdong Sports Although not yet determined the game live, but live according to their table shows, the new wide-bodied week of season 4 will be broadcast live Premier League games.

Shanghai Star Sports announced the first round of live, Yan Bo sessions

Guangdong Sports English Premier League set aside for the time live

Shanghai Sports will broadcast the first round with the newly promoted West Brom Chelsea game, which is the station's first live Premiership, time is Beijing time at 0:30 on August 15, at 19:45 on the 14th minutes of the opening match of World War Spurs Manchester City will be arranged at 21:30 pm Yanbo. At 23:00 on August 15, the Shanghai Sports will broadcast the first round of Liverpool, Arsenal highlight of World War II, however, carried out early Tuesday match between Manchester United and Newcastle, the upper body will not live, but arranged in the evening of 20 August 17 point Yanbo.

Shanghai second round of live sports program has also been identified, fans will be at 22:00 on August 21 to enjoy Arsenal Blackpool, at 0:30 on August 22 Wigan against Chelsea, at 23:00 on August 22 Fuller Farm World War Manchester United.

Guangdong Sports has not yet determined the official website of the live sessions over the weekend, but in its live form, belonging to the English Premier League Saturday 19 points 45,22 points and 0:30 impressively have identified three periods, "the British broadcast market" program is expected to live Spurs opening game against Manchester City, Chelsea, West Brom and other three of the Premiership. 23 points Sunday night, wide-body programs have the pitch of England, the fans can see the gunmen in Guangdong war the Red Army.

Live screenings wide body last year, only the Premiership on Sunday 0:30 and 23 o'clock at night two games, four games this season, the arrangements for the week Lianbo no doubt that the fact: to return to the Premiership this season has been officially free TV broadcast orbit. Expected, Jiangsu, Beijing and Fujian will also have free live Premier League.

Round the first round of Guangdong Sports Shanghai Sports at 19:45 on August 14 Tottenham against Manchester City at 0:30 on August 15 Chelsea West Bromwich Albion at 22:00 on August 14th sessions to be determined at 23:00 on August 15 Assen satisfied for Liverpool at 0:30 on August 15 West Brom Chelsea Arsenal at 23:00 on August 15th the second round against Liverpool at 22:00 on August 21 Arsenal Blackpool at 0:30 on August 22 against Wigan Chelsea at 11:00 p.m. on August 22 Fulham vs Manchester United


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Premier League first round of the domestic screening has identified a formal return to live free platform

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This article was published on 2010/10/20